Morraine Lake
Shadow Path
Joffre II
Cathedral Grove


There is a moment in the creative process when something ‘clicks’, an idea surfaces and the result of that idea fuels excitement. When I combined my two loves; photography and working with fabric, that moment happened for me.

In each of my works, I merge photographic elements and fabrics. More than half of each art piece is created with fabrics that I manipulate, layer and machine stitch together with the photographic portions. I repurpose old clothes and upholstery fabrics that would otherwise end up in landfills, giving them new life through my artwork. The combination of these two mediums offers a very ‘real’ and dimensional result that I have come to love so much.

My subject matter is varied, though I am drawn to textural subjects that benefit from the intricacy of my technique. I’m inspired by things such as old, weathered barns, patterned tree barks, brick and cobblestone buildings that show their wear and tear. I enjoy focusing on the beauty found in the ‘imperfect’.

Through my art I hope to challenge the way we view things, inviting people to slow down and appreciate the beauty that is often found in the unexpected. I hope to bring a fresh take to the use of textiles in fine art and above all else, I hope my work brings enjoyment to others as it does to me.

-Alison King