About Me

Alison has extensive training in the Art and Design field with a 4 year Bachelor of Design (majoring in textiles) from the Ontario College of Art (OCAD) in Toronto, as well as years of completed study in Photography and Graphic Design at both OCAD and Sheridan College.

Since her first exhibit in 2004, Alison has continued to evolve her innovative mix of mediums. Her work places an emphasis on dimension and texture by combining the reality of photographic elements with the abstract, textural qualities of fabric. It is harmonious integration of these two contrasting mediums that often fools a viewers’ eye to believe they are paintings, or solely photographic imagery.

Alison deconstructs her original image and through layers upon layers of multiple fabrics and stitching, she recreates the image enhancing areas of her subject matter. As Alison says, “My work can be appreciated from afar for something completely different than it can be appreciated for up close.  It has an element of surprise for viewers and I find that so exciting.”

Her work has received numerous awards, been exhibited in shows within Canada, and can be found in private collections both nationally and internationally.

Alison works from her home studio in Cochrane, Alberta.